Psychic Readings read your spiritual energy, looking at your energy system, your chakras, your present growth, guides you may be working with, your past lives and more.


Jane Hope is a spiritual practitioner, trained clairvoyant, and ordained minister.  

She has dedicated her life to healing both herself and others and believes in the ability of everyone to heal themselves.  

Jane uses her natural enthusiasm and amusement to create a joyful reading and her compassion allows for a safe space for healing to take place.



an article by Stephanie Beynon

        As a child in Jane Hope's home, to even speak of religion was almost taboo. This absence of Traditional Religion, she believes left her free to explore any and every path of her hearts desire. She always considered herself to be spiritual, continually seeking for a path that "fit". One path she ran across was that of paganism. Paganism she thought was beautiful, and liked a lot of the ideas about worship of the earth and being in touch with natures cycles; however, this just didn't quite fit for her. She decided that she would like to help other people in need of guidance and become a social worker; so she did an anthropology degree up at Simon Fraser University. Then, one day while she was still in school at SFU, she ran into an interesting lady who belonged to the Church of Divine Man. This lady invited her for a psychic reading, so she went to check it out. After receiving her reading, she just knew that this was for her; it fit!
Now many mediums claim to have a spontaneous revelation, one that comes from seemingly nowhere and changes forever their whole belief system. In Jane's case, however, the psychic ability did not come to her spontaneously. She gradually learned how to get in touch with these abilities, first working on healing herself, until she attained a higher level of clarity and knowingness, then working on others. She joined the two-year clairvoyant program at the Church of Divine Man; first year focusing on clairvoyance, and the second year was on how to be a minister. She is now an ordained minister, a spiritual practitioner, and a trained clairvoyant on Vancouver Island near Nanaimo. She talks about how in order to begin healing others, one must first work on healing and balancing themselves. Then through healing others, you continue to heal yourself.
Jane claims that the best way to get in touch with these abilities is through meditation, focusing into the subtle energies. She says that our spirit is constantly growing and changing and our vibration or energy system changes along with it. In a psychic reading, Jane will look at ones energy and feel out what growth and changes are currently affecting you. The energies speak to her through images of her own set of predetermined symbols. These symbols are differentiated, specific to each person, based on their presentation and her feelings or knowingness that accompanies the images. One of her symbols is a rose. The openness of the rose tells her about the openness of the spirit to growth; whereas the stem may tell her how long a spirit has been taking bodies on this earth, etc….
Her aura readings consist of looking at the colour vibration of each of the auras 7 energetic layers that correspond to the 7 chakras. She assesses how you are using that energy as well. It is through the characteristics of her own sixth and seventh chakras that she is able to tap into other people's energies. The sixth chakra is responsible for clairvoyance and abstract intuition. The seventh is responsible for knowingness (or "realization") and the ability to leave the body and channel energy of another being. I asked Jane what it was that gave her faith in her psychic abilities and she said she surrounded herself with open-minded people, who believed in it and who had validating experiences. She also found that the more she practiced her abilities on people and they verified it to be true, the more validation she felt. Her faith in her abilities has also grown with the knowingness that comes from strengthening her seventh chakra. She emphasizes that this is not a talent of hers, but that everyone can reach this heightened state of awareness. Everyone has the potential to be a psychic.
With all the commercial hype about psychics and psychic networks you see on TV. or can call for a small fee, it's hard to know what or who to believe. Jane believes that a lot of psychics out there are frauds, especially those that focus on predicting the future. She strongly believes in free will. For example, although you might be heading in one direction toward some life lesson your spirit has chosen for you, nothing is set in stone and the path can always be re-chosen or redirected. This is why Jane does not read the future or tell you what to do. She feels that though we may be misguided, only we can choose what will be our path. She helps to guide people by making us aware of how our spiritual and subtle energies are affecting us and how we are presently using them.
I asked Jane if she was able to contact or sense spiritual bodies around us, and she said yes. She told me that I have two spirit guides with me, one an emerald/translucent green, who is with me in my day-to-day activities, and one a clear red, more watchful and protective. When I heard this a great feeling of familiarity and comfort came over me.

This brought up the question about the dangers of channeling misguided or mischievous spirits, ones who have agendas or unenlightened intentions behind their guidance. How do you know which spirit bodies are trustworthy? Jane said she had come into contact with negative energies and bad spirits; and has even been tricked before. It is her faith in herself, in God, and her spirit guides that gives her the ability to know the difference. Also, a helpful being, and enlightened being will never help or tell you what to do until you ask! Some try to create contracts with the person. These are usually bad, because contracts can be very restricting to the growth of the individual, and an enlightened spirit would know and respect this.
Jane talked a little about the astral plane and astral travel. She believes that those dreams that are clear as a bell and you see places exactly as they are, hovering above them, those are out of body experiences or astral travel. She said she hasn't looked too much into the meaning of dreams, but she answered some of my questions about premonitions in dreams, summing it up like this:

Our physical body operates in time and space, however, in the spiritual dimension  there is no time or space. It is where ever you put your attention, that's where you'll go. Into the future, the past, or somewhere else in the present.
Finally, when asked what she believes the term New Age Movement to mean, she replied that she believes it to be a fancy term for going back to older spiritual beliefs. She agrees that the reasons for the movement on an individual decentralized level, is because these practices are more and more socially acceptable, so people are no longer being suppressing their internal desire for spirituality. On a more holistic or centralized level, she agrees that there are also divine forces or a cosmic consciousness; which is guiding people to this awakening. Although she acknowledges the convenience and usefulness of such a term, she also has problems with it, especially the fact that she doesn't think it's "new". If asked whether she would consider herself a New Age practitioner, she would say yes she's a part of it, but she would continue on to say more about the limitations of that term, and what she truly believes she does. Jane says one of the problems with a few New Age practitioners is that they are extreme toward the spiritual side of life, and are probably wandering out of their body half the time. They have no real sense of balance between the spiritual realities and the physical realities, which are both a part of life. Life's a matter of Balance.
Jane Hope was an easy person to talk with. She had a really fun, open and intelligent way about her. She seemed to me a very confident and balanced person, which suggests that people can trust that she knows what she is doing. I think that Jane hit on an important concept; that of free will. I think this is a prominent idea influencing many people in the New Age Movement. The free will to accept or reject any religious ideas that do not fit with their intuition or higher consciousness. People are getting away from the authoritarian nature of the traditional church and seeking practices that empower their own spiritual being ness. A common thread amongst New Agers is to reach for the god with in ourselves, and nature around us. However, as Jane said, this is not a new Phenomenon, the thread reaches back through to ancient times through many Arts and religions.
As a person who is trying to bring myself to a higher or more complete being ness, I can relate to Jane's long search and struggle to find something that "fits". There are many things I have come across, that really ring true for me. Like Sahaja Yoga, holistic healing, magnetics, energy chiropractics, spiritual evolution, different planes of reality, etc. However, for what ever reason (lack of knowledge, lack of experience) nothing paints a whole picture for me. I am still weeding through ideas, finding common truths and trying to piece them together. Although I have not experienced Jane's healing methods, listening to her I feel like many of the things I believe in and would find hard to ignore, are easily integrated into her belief model of the physical/ spiritual body. They fit very nicely and still left room for personal variation. Just as she believes humans and spirit should not be restricted, so too does her principles leave room for unrestricted growth.



A psychic reading is simply a reading of your spiritual energy.
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Chakras are energy centers throughout the body which contain spiritual information.
Jane Hope is a spiritual practitioner and trained clairvoyant
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