Psychic Readings read your spiritual energy, looking at your energy system, your chakras, your present growth, guides you may be working with, your past lives and more.


I first learned of Jane Hope through her website, which I found to be very interesting viewing. After reading some information about her, I decided to order a long distance reading.

I chose the most extensive reading. I contacted Jane by email and her reply was very prompt. I then sent in my name and some questions I had. To my surprise, the reading arrived quickly by mail in the form of an extensive written pamplet and an audio tape. I
gained a wealth of information from reading it and listening to the tape. Jane was right on with my chakras and my past lives seem to fit the person I am today also. I enjoyed her drawing of the flower of spirituality and it has helped me to focus my energies and grow spiritually.

If , at any time, I had any questions about the reading, I could email Jane and she would always respond. Because I was so happy with her work, I ordered three for my friends as birthday presents! They, too, were delighted with their readings.

It is refreshing to find such a talented, honest and down to earth person working in the psychic field. Her reading has helped me to examine my life and to strive to be a more enlightened person. Cheers Jane!

Janet, Ontario

Skeptical. Thatís one word to describe how I felt about a long distance reading. I thought, what the heck, Iíll give it a try, at the very least it will be inexpensive entertainment or I will lose my money. I sent my payment, e-mailed my questions and thought nothing more of it.

A week later, I received an envelope in the mail from Jane Hope. I was surprised to see anything at all. I thought if I lose my money for dealing with somebody over the internet it would be my own fault. However, there was a cassette tape and a handwritten reading enclosed. I read the handwritten version first. I was shocked. This lady knew things that only my closest friends could possibly know. What a wonderful surprise. The things that she talked about meant something to me. All she knew about me was my name, address and the 10 questions that I had submitted. (Being a skeptic, I was very general with my questions.)

The next day, I listened to the tape. I was overwhelmed. Not only did Jane get personal details correct about me, she nailed my emotions as well. The tape is very special to me. It is a reminder to me that I have work to do and that I am not alone in completing my work. There are spirits out there to help me when I ask for it.

After my reading from Jane, I feel reinforcement for things I already knew. I just needed reminding. I will definitely make a trip to visit Jane in person and I will definitely get another long distance reading. After viewing the details of my reading, a close friend of mine has already requested a reading from Jane. I know she will be impressed.

Teresa MacKenzie, Port McNeill, BC

A psychic reading is simply a reading of your spiritual energy.
Learn simple techniques to help you quiet your mind and focus within.
Chakras are energy centers throughout the body which contain spiritual information.
Jane Hope is a spiritual practitioner and trained clairvoyant
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