Psychic Readings read your spiritual energy, looking at your energy system, your chakras, your present growth, guides you may be working with, your past lives and more.


A psychic reading is simply a reading
of your spiritual energy.  

As spirit we are changing and growing all the time.  

A psychic reading is a fabulous way to validate yourself as spirit. Spirit grows and changes constantly and thus your vibration or energy system changes with it. A reading will look at your energy in the present and interpret what growth and change are currently affecting you. You may or may not be consciously aware of it. Enjoy your reading and celebrate your spiritual growth.

Types of Readings:

Rose reading

This is simply a reading of you as spirit as symbolized by the rose. It shows your spiritual growth at present. The openness of the rose shows how open you as spirit are to the growth and change in your life. The sun at the top of the page is representative of the God of your heart or your energy source. The stem shows how long you have been taking bodies on this planet. There are several gold rings around the stem which represent past lives that you are drawing information from at present.

Aura Reading

This is a reading of the energy in your aura or personal space. The aura has seven layers which correspond to your seven major chakras. The reading will consist of looking at the colour vibration of each layer as well as how you are presently using that energy. (more)


Many questions you have can be answered clairvoyantly. As I believe in free will I will not predict the future or give advice. You have your own information and only your answers will work for you. I can look at the energy around different questions as well as blocks to your energy or your creativity. Sample questions may include:

  • Looking at any blocks to your energy
  • Blocks to your creativity
  • Past lives
  • Spiritual or psychic experiences
  • Guides or angels you may be working with
  • Your relationship with others
  • Your relationship with the God of your heart
  • Your path this lifetime
  • Your relationship with your job, leisure, etc...
  • Information that isnít true for you or lies that affect you 

Full Readings:

A full reading is one hour long and consists of three parts

  • Rose Reading
  • Aura Reading
  • A time for questions

Short Readings:

I also offer half hour readings which consist of two parts

  • Your choice of a rose or aura reading
  • A time for questions

All readings will be taped for you.

A psychic reading is simply a reading of your spiritual energy.
Learn simple techniques to help you quiet your mind and focus within.
Chakras are energy centers throughout the body which contain spiritual information.
Jane Hope is a spiritual practitioner and trained clairvoyant
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Full readings are $75.00.

Short readings are $40.00

Readings are available on
Vancouver Island by appointment.

Long Distance Readings are also available.


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