Psychic Readings read your spiritual energy, looking at your energy system, your chakras, your present growth, guides you may be working with, your past lives and more.


Chakras are energy centres throughout the body which contain spiritual information. Thereare seven main chakras. The seven layers of the aura correspond to these seven chakras

First chakra - near the base of the spine. Contains information about survival.

Second chakra - located just below the navel. Contains information about: Emotions and sexuality - or the will of the body. Clairsentience, the ability to feel the emotions of others.

Third chakra - at the solar plexus. Contains information about: How you distribute energy through the body. Out of body experience and out of body memory.

Fourth chakra - at the sternum. Contains information about: Affinity or the capability of being at one with yourself, others and the God of your heart.

Fifth chakra - at the cleft of the throat. Contains information about communication including: Clairaudience - to be able to hear out of body beings, or hear at a distance Inner voice - communication between spirit and body Narrow Band telepathy - to communicate non verbally with one or two people Broad band telepathy - to communicate non verbally with many people Pragmatic intuition - everyday intuition, for example knowing who is on the phone when it rings.

Sixth chakra - at the forehead. Contains information about: Clairvoyance - being able to see clearly. This can include seeing auras, chakras, energy, guides, pictures, etc...
Abstract Intuition - intuition about the abstract

Seventh chakra - on the top of the head. Contains information about: Knowingness - the ability to have your own information.
Trance mediumship or the ability to leave the body and channel the energy of another being.

A psychic reading is simply a reading of your spiritual energy.
Learn simple techniques to help you quiet your mind and focus within.
Chakras are energy centers throughout the body which contain spiritual information.
Jane Hope is a spiritual practitioner and trained clairvoyant
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